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Directors Guild of America
Contract Administration

The DGA Contract Administration (DGACA) maintains qualification lists (QLs) of individuals who have met the minimum requirements for work as Unit Production Managers, First Assistant Directors, and Second Assistant Directors in the Motion Picture Industry. The requirements for placement on the Qualification Lists are negotiated by the Directors Guild of America (DGA) and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP). DGACA policies are established by a Board of Trustees appointed by the AMPTP. Companies signatory to the DGA Basic Agreement give preference of employment to individuals on the Qualification Lists.

The DGACA is not affiliated with the Directors Guild of America. Information regarding the DGA and DGA membership is available on its website at www.dga.org. The DGA National Headquarters is located in Los Angeles, California, and may be reached by phone at (310) 289-2000.

The Commercial Qualification List (CQL) maintains and distributes the New York Commercial, Southern California Commercial, and Third Area Commercial Qualification Lists. If you are interested in inquiring about CQL requirements or would like to request a cross listing, please call (212) 397-0930 or go to dga-cql.org.

For information and placement on The New York Qualification List (NYQL) or The Eligible-to-Work in Southern California Qualification List, contact DGACA-East at (914) 747-2979 or go to dgaca-east.org.

Work as a Production Assistant does not qualify applicants for placement on the DGACA Qualification Lists. Please contact the Commercial Qualification List Administration if your work experience is as a PA.

Work on commercials, music videos, documentaries, animated projects, student films, promos and industrial or educational films does not qualify applicants for placement on the DGACA Qualification Lists. Some work experience is in these areas may qualify for the Commercial Qualification ListPlease contact the CQL Administration if your work experience is in these areas.

Work on new media/web series/internet-only projects will not count for placement unless it meets the requirements of High-budget SVOD new media projects per the DGA Basic Agreement.

Please refer to the FAQ page for more details. You may also contact us by email or phone if you require additional information.

You must call our office and make an appointment when you are ready to drop-off or retrieve your documents. If sending by mail, use the address on our website.

Important: For general questions regarding safety training, please contact the DGPTP at (818) 386-2545 or visit their website: www.trainingplan.org

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