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Southern California Application Process


Every applicant must submit a DGACA Application Form, as well as the supporting documentation listed below. Each applicant must also submit a Document Return Form required with each application.

Documentation required for each project:

  • Deal Memo or Start Slip
  • Pay documents substantiating payment for every day worked
  • Production Reports* for each day of work with the shooting company
  • Call Sheets*, and
  • Crew Lists

*Note: Stage Managers/Associate Directors: If Production Reports and Call Sheets are not available, please submit rehearsal, blocking and taping schedules. If none of these is available, and you were employed by a station, submit weekly schedules or Associate Director/Stage Manager Assignment Sheets along with a letter from the Station Executive verifying your job title, duties and dates of employment.

It is the applicant's responsibility to demonstrate to DGACA's satisfaction that he or she has met the requirements for placement. DGACA reserves the right to request original documents if they are needed to verify the application claim; however, applicants are urged to submit photocopies of their documents. The DGACA assumes no responsibility for the loss and/or damage to any documents (original or duplicate) that are submitted.

Applicants are expected to organize documents chronologically (day 1, 2, 3 etc.), by production. Many applicants use 3-ring binders, although not necessary, or corrugated file boxes to compile their documents. If documentation is not organized, it will not be reviewed.

DGACA staff reviews all submitted documentation so it is helpful if the applicant highlights his or her name as well as the call time on each document submitted. Check that photocopies are legible; they should not be too light, and should not be cut off.

To receive credit for days worked, the applicant must prove he or she was compensated. In most cases, pay stubs are sufficient evidence of payment. When pay stubs are not available, the DGACA will consider copies of cancelled checks, earning summaries, W-2 or 1099 forms, earnings summaries from DGA Pension & Health, and printouts from the payroll company. Invoices and letters from production companies are not accepted as proof of payment.

Applications for placement or upgrade on the Southern California Qualification List must be submitted to the DGACA within six months of the last qualifying work assignment.

All work qualifying applicants for placement on the Southern California Qualification List must be performed in the United States except that work performed in a foreign country will be credited if an American First Assistant Director worked on the project or if there are no labor restrictions, laws or quotas that would have prevented an American First Assistant Director from working on the project.

Please refer to the “Placement Process” tab at the top of our website for additional information.

We request that all applicants read through our Frequently Asked Questions before contacting DGACA.