DGACA administers the Qualification Lists which function as work experience rosters for those individuals providing proof of sufficient work experience as Assistant Directors and UPMs per the DGA Basic Agreement's QL provisions. DGACA is a separate entity from the DGA. 

As a general rule, production companies that are signatory to the DGA Basic Agreement may only hire Assistant Directors or UPMs who are on the appropriate Qualification List, unless there are no persons on the QL available to work in those classifications. For DGA Low Budget Agreements and other exceptions, please contact the DGA (310) 289-2000. 

Someone listed on a DGACA Qualification List may or may not be a DGA member.

Someone who is a DGA member may or may not be on a DGACA Qualification List.

There is not a Qualification List for Directors, Associate Directors, or Stage Managers. Questions about these DGA covered categories should be directed to the DGA.



Every individual who has completed the Mandatory DGA Safety Pass training appears on this site, regardless of whether or not they qualify for placement on the QLs on this site and/or DGACA East and/or the Commercial Qualification List. 

Names of DGA Associate Directors and Stage Managers, who have and have not completed safety training, appear on this site.



If calling to verify a name listed on this site, it is helpful to have the last 4 digits of the individual's social security number and/or any former names used. 

A UPM listed on a QL can also work as a 1st AD or a 2nd AD in the appropriate area. A 1st AD listed on a QL can also work as a 2nd AD in the appropriate area. Placement on a 2nd AD QL includes work as a Key 2nd AD, a 2nd 2nd AD, an Additional 2nd AD, and sometimes as a 3rd AD (however, work as a crowd control AD does not qualify for QL placement).

If you cannot find a name on this site, please search on the www.dgaca-east.org site or the www.dga-cql.org site.



Generally, individuals on the Third Area QL are permitted to accept employment anywhere in the United States outside of both the Southern California and New York City regions. The New York QL supersedes the Third Area QL and permits employment anywhere except Southern California. The Southern California QL and the Eligible-to-Work in Southern California QLs supersede all other QLs and permit work anywhere in the country. Please contact the DGA for project-specific information and restrictions.

The Qualification Lists apply to work in the United States only. International work used for placement on a QL is subject to the foreign labor restriction under provision 14-203 of the DGA Basic Agreement.

The Multi-camera Qualification List is a national list. Placement on a Multi-camera QL permits work on multi-camera shows in the appropriate job category anywhere in the country. Generally, Multi-camera QL Assistant Directors and UPMs cannot accept work on single camera projects. However, ADs and UPMs on the "single camera" SCQL can accept multi-camera employment. Multi-camera QL days are counted differently. Email us for more information about the MCQL.

Applicants listed as "Eligible-to-Work in Southern California" are typically those qualified for the New York QL who have fulfilled the additional requirements for the Southern California QL. This list allows an individual to remain on the NYQL, still be eligible to take work in Southern California, and not violate 14-202 which states, "No person can be on any Southern California Qualification List and on any New York Area Qualification List simultaneously." 



The DGACA Administrator is Trina Jacobsen, and the Assistant Administrator is Liza Warren. Feel free to contact us with any questions: mailbox@dgaca.org.