Unit Production Manager Multi-Camera General Requirements

(Excerpted from Article 14 of the 2014 Basic Agreement between the DGA and the AMPTP)

General Requirements:

14-601 Composition
The UPM MCQL shall be a national list. The UPM MCQL shall be in addition to the existing UPM Qualification Lists. The UPM MCQL shall be composed of those qualified and available persons who satisfy the eligibility provisions below.
14-602 Requirements for Placement
  (a) The following persons shall be eligible for placement on the UPM MCQL and only the following rules shall govern placement on that List:
    (1) Any Multi-Camera First Assistant Director or First Assistant Director already on a Qualification List who completes at least 200 shoot days as a First Assistant Director or as a Unit Production Manager/First Assistant Director on a multi-camera dramatic program shall be eligible to be upgraded to the UPM MCQL.
    (2) Any individual who has been employed at least 275 shoot days in the production of videotape multi-camera dramatic programs performing the equivalent of Unit Production Manager duties on videotape shows. The individual must have been credited on a dramatic videotape show as either a Production Manager, Associate Producer, Producer, Supervising Producer, Coordinating Producer or Line Producer on the program for which qualifying days are being submitted. No more than two (2) individuals may submit days for a program.
    (3) Any individual employed for 275 shoot days who performs Unit Production Manager duties on multi-camera dramatic programs.
    (4) Any individual employed for 275 shoot days prior to June 30,1999 as a "Line Producer" (as that term is commonly understood in the motion picture industry) on any multi-camera film sitcom. For the purpose of this provision only, a "multi-camera film sitcom" shall be defined as any one-half hour program intended to be an episode, pilot or presentation for a series in the genre commonly known as sitcoms, shot on film, which utilizes multiple cameras and typically shoots predominantly in a studio.
    (5) Any individual employed for 275 shoot days as a "Line Producer" (as that term is commonly understood in the motion picture industry) or as an Associate Producer on any multi-camera dramatic program, provided that at least one (1) of such shoot days occurs on or after July 1, 1999.
    (6) Any individual who has been employed as a studio production executive and supervised multi-camera television productions for not less than five (5) years.
  (b) With respect to subparagraphs (a)(3),(4) and (5) above, only one individual per program may count days towards placement.
  (c) Individuals may combine experience under subparagraphs (a)(2), (4) and/or (5) above in order to qualify for the UPM MCQL.
  (d) Any individual applying for placement on the UPM MCQL pursuant to subparagraphs (a) (2),(3),(4) or (5) above must document that he or she performed some or all of the duties described in Paragraph 1-302 (below).
  (e) Individuals shall be allowed to count as "shoot days" any shooting or blocking day as well as the remaining work days in a week during which there is at least one (1) shoot day and one (1) camera blocking day. There shall be no location requirements.
  (f) The verification process for counting days towards placement on the UPM MCQL shall include the following items, to the extent available: pay stubs; crew/staff lists; screen credit lists; and letters of verification from production company executives of the production company, but not members of the producing staff. All letters must specify the duties performed.
The parties agree to consider in good faith alternative verification documents.
  (g) The employment required under this provision for placement on a MCQL may be satisfied by employment with signatory companies to any agreement with the Guild and/or with non-signatory companies.
14-901 Any person claiming to have fulfilled the Qualification Lists requirements herein must make a written application to DGACA...to be so classified, no later than six (6) months following the completion of the last work assignment to be considered. Such person shall have the burden of establishing and proving any such claim by appropriate documentation.

In the event of any dispute hereunder, the decision of DGACA...shall be final and binding. Before placing any individual on a Qualification List, DGACA...shall notify the Guild of each application for placement. The Guild shall have thirty (30) calendar days from the date of such notice within which to file objections and the reasons therefor with DGACA.... Failure to file objections and the reasons therefor within said time period shall constitute a waiver of all objections. DGACA...shall consider in good faith any objections the Guild may have to the individual's placement....
1-302 ...The UPM, under the supervision of the Employer, is required to coordinate, facilitate and oversee the preparation of the production unit or units (to the extent herein provided) assigned to him or her, all off-set logistics, day-to-day production decisions, locations, budget schedules and personnel. Without limitation, among the duties which the Employer must assign to the UPM or First Assistant are the supervision of or participation in the following:
  1. Prepare breakdown and preliminary shooting schedule.
  2. Prepare or coordinate the budget.
  3. Oversee preliminary search and survey of all locations and the completion of business arrangements for the same.
  4. Assist in the preparation of the production to insure continuing efficiency.
  5. Supervise completion of the Production Report for each day's work, showing work covered and the status of the production, and arrange for the distribution of that report in line with the company's requirement.
  6. Coordinate arrangements for the transportation and housing of cast, crew and staff.
  7. Oversee the securing of releases and negotiate for locations and personnel.
  8. Maintain a liaison with local authorities regarding locations and the operation of the company....