Third Area QL General Requirements

(Excerpted from Article 14 of the 2017 Basic Agreement between the DGA and the AMPTP)

General Requirements:

14-203 The employment required under this Article 14 for placement on a List may be satisfied by employment with signatory companies to any agreement with the Guild and/or with non-signatory companies, except that work performed under this BA for a signatory company by any person not employed as an Assistant Director or Unit Production Manager shall not be counted as qualifying experience for any purpose under this Article 14. All such employment must be performed in the United States or, if in another country, only on motion pictures on which the employment of American First Assistant Directors would not have been prohibited by labor restriction, law or quota.
14-204 (c) The DGACA...(has) been established by and on behalf of the Employers. (It) shall be administered in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.
14-205 For the purposes of this Article 14 only, "motion pictures of the type covered hereunder" shall refer to theatrical motion pictures and television motion pictures (including videodisc/videocassette, pay television and basic cable motion pictures) of the type covered by this BA or by the DGA Freelance Live and Tape Television Agreement and to “high budget” original or derivative dramatic New Media productions made for initial exhibition on a subscription consumer pay New Media platform that meets the definition of “high budget” as set forth in Sideletter No. 35 (“High Budget SVOD Programs”), the principal photography of which commenced on or after July 1, 2011.....
14-901 Any person claiming to have fulfilled the Qualification Lists requirements herein must make a written application to DGACA...to be so classified, no later than six (6) months following the completion of the last work assignment to be considered. Such person shall have the burden of establishing and proving any such claim by appropriate documentation.

In the event of any dispute hereunder, the decision of DGACA...shall be final and binding. Before placing any individual on a Qualification List, DGACA....shall notify the Guild of each application for placement. The Guild shall have thirty (30) calendar days from the date of such notice within which to file objections and the reasons there for with DGACA....Failure to file objections and the reasons therefore within said time period shall constitute a waiver of all objections. DGACA...shall consider in good faith any objections the Guild may have to the individual's placement.